18 Marzo 2015

A carenato for Biler Baunsoe

During the 80s Faggin‬ was very active in ‪Denmark‬ with several teams. This is a Biler Baunsoe racer on a carenato pursuit‬!
14 Marzo 2015

A carenato replica

Some time ago Faggin framebuilder‬ Massimo‬ was working on a replica pursuit carenato project. Now it has been built and the result is a courageous street attack […]
11 Marzo 2015

Cableholder technics

Technical wednesday! ‪‎Faggin‬ ‎framebuilder‬ Massimo developed this not-so-secret-anymore ‎brass ‎cableholder‬ inside the top tube.
10 Marzo 2015

Our first 70 years

Since 1945! On the occasion of ‪Faggin ‎70th‬ ‪‎anniversary‬ we are glad to unveil a new logo that will accompany us in 2015. Our traditional mark will come […]
4 Marzo 2015

Custom seat stay ends

Red paint on satin steel! ‪‎Faggin‬ ‪framebuilder‬ is very proud of his signature seat stay ends. He developed them in the ‪‎workshop‬ and they are now available for any custom […]
19 Febbraio 2015

Sky in the workshop

As seen on ‪‎TV‬! Yesterday ‪Faggin‬ ‪‎framebuilder‬ Massimo was under the lens of  ‎SKY‬. Keep in touch for future developments!
15 Febbraio 2015

Lady nostalgia

We should definitely come out with a new Faggin ‪lady frame. In the meantime, we found this picture of a crazy gold fading paintjob, done in […]
15 Febbraio 2015

Fillet vs HSS

Filletbraze faith! Cristina shows a turbo‬ ‪‎Faggin‬ road frame built with the new ‎Columbus‬ ‎Spirit‬ HSS‬. Looking forward to check the final beast!
15 Febbraio 2015

Easton CX

New custom CX‬ beast for the dear friend Dario, built with our last Easton‬ alloy‬ tubeset. Thanks to our friends at Selle San Marco for the Zoncolan‬ comfort. Finally […]
25 Gennaio 2015

Wrapped gems

Carbon deliveries! Fresh Faggin frames have been build by framebuilder Massimo for some Japanese friends. New developments as far as carbon frames are concerned, soon!
20 Gennaio 2015

A new fluo Fiorentino

Shocking the workshop with some fluo paint. A fresh orange Fiorentino joins the unexpected series of flashy Faggin frames recently produced. Back to the 80’s?
7 Gennaio 2015

A paintjob from 1985

Check this 1985 livery on a Faggin road frame. Our painter at the time was a genious coming out with thousands of crazy experiments! Wrapping skills!
25 Dicembre 2014

Christmas 2014

Dear Santa… This morning this is what we found in front of Faggin workshop! Apparently Santa stopped at our door and left some tubes for our […]
17 Dicembre 2014

A Danish time trial

Back to the Faggin archive, we recently discovered this picture of a danish team ready to push, at a time trial competition. Note the italo paintjob […]
13 Dicembre 2014

Green Dardo

We did a gentle green frame for our friend Josip from Croatia! Columbus Bicycle Tubes Spirit HSS steel suited for aggressive riding, even if is super […]
10 Dicembre 2014

Lemon on blue

Lemon yellow on blue, consistent match. Another Velomatic on Faggin kitchen table, leaving to Germany soon.
4 Gennaio 2014


Best wishes from Faggin kitchen table! 2015 is a very special year: it’s the firm’s 70th year of activity. We are preparing a great 2015 full […]
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