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Founded by the former cyclist Marcello Faggin in 1945, the brand is affirmed in Italian cycling history as a guarantee of traditional craft with the passion for a totally custom approach.


Six years after the foundation, the company begins an endorsement strategy. Aldo Zuliani is the first racer to be welcomed in the roster.
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The history of Faggin revolves around two cores: international production and support of cycling teams. From the late 70s the leadership of founder Marcello gradually shifted to the racing field, consigning the company management to his four daughters. They kept on welding frames at their Paduan houses as well as managing a challenging worldwide business.


The 1980s represented the golden age of Italian cycling and Faggin embodied, among other brands, the values of historic framebuilders worldwide. Tens of thousands of Italian bicycles – admired for their fine combination of aesthetic and technical qualities – were exported every year all over the world. Countless foreign teams chose Italian products for their riders, thus increasing the Italian firms’ prestige also from an athletic point of view. Thanks to Faggin’s achievements, in 1984 the company equipped the Italian cycling pursuit team at the Los Angeles Olympics.

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During the 1990s, when new materials became widely popular, the workshop kept up to date without forgetting the roots of the founder’s practice.
The only true love has always been the classic steel frame, but Faggin earned its reputation in framebuilding by also providing aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre frames, hand-built with meticulous craftsman’s attention to detail.


Nowadays the company left the big scale production approach to simply dedicate entirely to hand-building the most accurate Italian product while adhering to the strict traditional rules. Marcello’s daughter Cristina is currently in charge of management and her husband Massimo is the talented craftsman behind Faggin frames since 1976.